What to do when tree roots are destroying your sidewalks

Are you a homeowner with trees in your front or backyard? If so, chances are that you might have noticed tree roots impacting the condition of your sidewalks. Over time, as the tree grows and its roots expand, it can cause significant damage, making it difficult for you to properly maintain and enjoy your property. Fortunately, there are several things that homeowners can do when they find themselves facing this issue!

Modify the sidewalktree roots damaging sidewalk

If a tree on your property is blocking a sidewalk, you do not need to remove it. It is possible to reroute the sidewalk around the tree using paving bricks or other ground materials that can be placed in wide arcs. This option may take more time up front but will ensure that your beloved tree remains standing for years to come without interfering with neighborhood safety. Consult a professional landscaper for advice and assistance to make sure the route around the tree is safe and secure.

Avoid cutting the roots

Avoiding cutting the roots of a tree is one way to ensure that the tree remains healthy in your yard. Without proper root structure and anchoring, a tree can become easily susceptible to strong winds or disease particularly if it has just been transplanted.

Instead, focus your energy on taking care of and preserving the tree – like pruning its branches and caring for whatever pests may be irritating it. Taking these preventive measures will help ensure that you get to enjoy your tree for many years to come.

Plant trees in the right place

When you’re deciding what kind of tree to plant near your sidewalk, it’s important to consider the size and shape that the tree will eventually grow into. A mature tree can cause a lot of damage to a sidewalk if its root system has spread too close to the structure. To ensure that your new tree does not cause potential damage down the line, always check which species and varieties are appropriate for your area and make sure it won’t get too big.

Planting trees in areas away from sidewalks is also highly advised when planting any type of trees near concrete structures, in order to avoid future issues with roots and fixing costly damages. With careful preparation and planning, you can enjoy all the benefits of having healthy trees while protecting your pavement.

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