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Eco-friendly options are everywhere. Low emissions vehicles, increased use of solar power, smart technologies in the home that reduce energy consumption, recycling and using products made from recycled materials are all examples of how individuals are interested in caring for the environment.

Considering that, many homeowners are also interested in choosing options for landscaping that are eco-friendly. Green landscaping options aren’t necessarily complex or expensive. In fact, some of these techniques are just as friendly to the wallet as they are to the environment.

Below are five easy, green landscaping options you may want to consider:

Reduce Water Use By Choosing The Right Plants

There are more than 100 species of trees that are native to Missouri. In addition, there are even more bushes, flowers, decorative plants and other flora that grow well in the often-challenging weather conditions of the Midwest.

And while the weather in the region is highly changeable, one thing is nearly certain every year: the summers are hot and humid.

For many homeowners, keeping lawns and landscaping healthy during stretches of sunny, 95 degree days means constant watering. And while it’s easy to overlook just how much water you’re using to keep that green, healthy appearance, one look at your water bill may show you’re using thousands of gallons of water. But choosing drought resistant plants, shrubs, trees and grasses can greatly reduce your water usage. In addition, those species actually love and thrive during hot and dry conditions.

Mulch Is More Than For Appearance

While many homeowners see mulch as a purely aesthetic part of their landscaping, mulch has practical – and eco-friendly – value that should not be overlooked.

Using mulch is a great way to keep soil moist, thereby reducing the frequency of watering needed to maintain your landscaping. In addition, mulch is effective at controlling weeds. This means fewer chemicals being used to keep unwanted weeds at bay.

And many cities and smaller municipalities offer residents free mulch made from chipped branches and yard waste collected from homeowners – an extremely inexpensive and green option.

Trade Fertilizer And Chemicals For Compost

Typical chemical-based fertilizers can be extremely effective, but they often carry with them side effects that are less than eco-friendly.

By composting, you collect yard waste, dry leaves, food scraps and other organic materials. Over time, the ingredients in your compost pile decay into a nutrient rich, eco-friendly soil additive or fertilizer that can work wonders in your garden or yard. Composting is easy, effective, green, and free.

Terrace That Hill Or Entryway

Farmers have long terraced hillsides to make sloping ground friendlier for crops, to hold water and reduce erosion. Terracing offers homeowners the same benefits.

If your home has a sloping entrance walkway with stairs for example, you may want to consider terracing that slope. By doing so, you’ll reduce the amount of water running off the slope, enabling your landscaping plants to soak up that moisture and reducing the need for watering. You’ll also reduce erosion, retaining soil and nutrients. As an added benefit, your terraced slope will give that slope increased visual interest.

Help The Bees

Bees are essential to plant reproduction as they fly from flower to flower, pollinating plants and enabling them to propagate. It’s no secret though, that widespread use of various pesticides and fertilizers have had a negative impact on the world’s bee populations.

While you can’t solve the world bee crisis, you can certainly create a bee-friendly environment in your yard. Bees love certain plants, including:

Incorporate these plants and trees into your landscaping and you’ll doing your part to help bees bounce back.

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