During severe weather, accidents can happen ranging from a limb falling on your property to a whole tree becoming uprooted.

When storms are in the area, Hansen’s Tree Service is ready to help with our Emergency Tree Services.

Safely Remove Trees Without Additional Damage

A fallen tree can be a serious burden for homeowners – both emotionally and financially.

To ensure cleanup after severe weather is completed quickly and professionally, it is critical to hire experienced and reliable tree service specialists to avoid additional damage and ballooning costs.

Hansen’s is well-versed in minimizing damage during cleanup at every level. We carefully and expertly remove fallen limbs (or entire trees when necessary) with the help of specialized tools and machinery.

We will remove tree limbs, trunks, and stumps from your property, as well as professionally prune trees to ensure they grow back safe and healthy.

If the tree has only lost a limb but needs additional support while it recovers, we can provide limb support to ensure any questionable areas won’t be a problem in the future.

Fully Insured & Certified Tree Services

We take the safety of you and your property seriously. That’s why we offer you a wide safety net for Emergency Tree Services.

Our teams are led by ISA certified arborists, and we are fully insured to protect you from costly accidents and personal injury lawsuits.

Hansen’s is also a TCIA Accredited Tree Care Service and the first accredited tree care firm in Missouri. These qualities are important protections to ensure your safety and job satisfaction.

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