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Sunscald is a very common problem found on young, thin barked ornamental trees. In winter, cellular water on the southwest side of the tree warms up during the day and then freezes at night when the temperature drastically drops. In the summer, the prolonged heat of the sun burns the stem of the tree.

Signs & Symptoms

  • Vertical bark splits
  • Wounding on the SW side of the stem
  • Discolored bark
  • Tip dieback

Effects On Your Tree

Young, small caliper trees with severe sunscald damage may need to be replaced. Trees with minimal damage may rebound once manage management options are employed.

Management Options

Sunscald can be prevented by wrapping the stems of thin barked trees with approved wrapping materials. Trees that have sustained damage should maintain good cultural practices such as watering during drought, mulch, and pest management.

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