August Is Tree Check Month

The USDA has declared August as Tree Check Month and encourages homeowners to spend time checking their trees for damage caused by invasive pests like the Asian longhorn beetle.

This August, check your trees to:

Prevent the spread of invasive pests

tree inspection

Preventing the spread of invasive pests like the Asian longhorn and emerald ash borer helps protect native habitats from damage. Management strategies for invasive species include:

  • Avoid planting invasive species like trees of heaven
  • Inspecting susceptible trees like ashes for invasive pests like emerald ash borer
  • Planting native species and Plants of Merit on your property

Keep trees strong and healthy

Regularly checking your trees will keep them strong and healthy by catching problems before they worsen. Remember, the trees on your property are your responsibility. You could be held responsible if you have been neglecting their care and they fall and damage someone’s property or injure them.

So keep your trees safe by maintaining your trees through proper plant health care. This means:

Consider hiring a professional to:

Call Hansen’s Tree Service for professional pest management

Call the professional ISA Certified Arborists at Hansen’s Tree Service if you suspect a pest infestation in your trees. The ISA-certified arborists at Hansen’s Tree Service are trained, certified, and insured to perform the best tree care possible. We will always consult with you about the care of your trees and communicate and educate you about treatments that may improve your trees’ health and safety.

Leave the tree care to the professionals! Tree care is dangerous work, and we have the proper safety equipment, training, and knowledge of safe tree care practices. So whether you need your trees pruned, removed, or treated for pests and diseases, leave it to the professionals at Hansen’s Tree Service to get it done right and safely.

Take Control Of Your Tree’s Health

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