What’s Wrong With My Tree? Lace Bugs

Lace Bugs Include Dozens Of Species In The United States In the United States, there are over 165 species of lace bugs. In Missouri, the most common include the sycamore lace bug, azalea lace bug, and many others named after their host tree: Cherry Oak Elm Hawthorn This species gets [...]

What’s Wrong With My Trees? Pine Wilt Disease

Pine Wilt Is A Devastating Disease Of Pines Pine wilt disease, or pinewood nematode, is a devastating disease spread by sawyer beetles that affect Scots, Austrian, and other non-native pines. When the beetle feeds on the pines, the nematodes feed and multiply in the resin canals. When this happens, the [...]

What’s Wrong With My Tree? Wetwood

Wetwood Is A Common Bacterial Disease Also called slime flux, wetwood is a common bacterial disease of trees that affects a wide range of species, including:

What’s Wrong With My Tree? Tip Blight of Austrian Pines

Tip Blight Is A Destructive Fungal Disease Of Pines Sphaeropsis tip blight of pines, also known as diplodia tip blight, is caused by the fungus, Sphaeropsis sapinea. This fungal disease is highly destructive of pines and overwinters in the infected shoots, bark, and seed cones of pine trees. The most [...]

What’s wrong with my trees? Carpenter ants

Carpenter ants are signs of a more significant problem with your tree. Carpenter ants are signs of a larger problem in your trees—namely decay and moisture. These ants play an important role in helping dead trees and other organic materials to decompose. They do not feed on the tree but [...]