What’s wrong with my tree? Armillaria root rot

Armillaria root rot is a disease of trees and woody plants Armillaria root rot is a disease of trees and woody plants caused by the fungus species Armillaria. This fungal disease affects more than 200 species of trees, with oaks, elms, and maples being the most susceptible. Signs and symptoms [...]

What’s Wrong With My Tree? Pine Shoot Beetle

Pine shoot beetles are an invasive species Pine shoot beetles (Tomicus piniperda Linnaeus) are beetles native to Europe that were discovered in Ohio in 1992. Since then, they have been detected in 19 states. This beetle targets, damages, and can even kill pine trees by feeding on young shoots. Pine [...]

What’s wrong with my tree? European pine sawfly

European pine sawfly is the most common sawfly in Missouri European pine sawflies are defoliating host-specific insects. Common hosts include Ponderosa pine, Lodgepole pine, and other native and ornamental pines. In our region, we see damage to many pine tree species, especially Scotch and mugho pines.

What’s wrong with my trees? Heart rot disease

Heart rot is a fungal wood decay disease Heart rot disease is a fungal, wood decay, disease that can be caused by different fungi that enters the tree through open wounds or exposed inner bark. This is typically found in older trees.

What’s Wrong With My Tree? Black Turpentine Beetle

The black turpentine beetle is the largest native pine bark beetle Black turpentine beetle ranges from New Hampshire and Maine, south to Florida, and west to Missouri, Arkansas, and eastern Texas. They’re relatively easy to identify and distinguish from other beetles due to their large size, dark color, and round [...]