6 ways you can start preparing your property for fall now

Fall is just around the corner! But before we can enjoy our hot drinks and fall weather, we need to start preparing our properties. Clean your gutters Before the leaves start turning and falling, take the time to clean your gutters if you haven’t done it yet. If you neglect [...]

5 Tips For Protecting Trees From Animal Damage All Year Long

From deer antler rubbing and foraging to tree girdling from rabbits and other small animals, excessive animal damage to our trees can cause stress that can lead to diseases and pests. While not all animal damage can be prevented, there are ways to minimize damage. Protecting your trees from excessive [...]

What Is A Phenology Calendar?

Phenology is the study of how climate and habitat factors influence periodic events in biological life cycles. For example, some insects and nematodes need a certain amount of heat to move from one life stage into another.

Volunteer Trees: What They Are And How To Get Rid Of Them

Volunteer trees, or weed trees, are unwanted tree seedlings that grow in your yard all by themselves. Often, they are trees that are undesirable or invasive such as tree of heaven, black locust, and white mulberry. Suckers from these trees spread quickly and chokes out beneficial native plants, reducing your [...]

Am I Covered If A Tree Falls On My Home?

If your home is damaged by a tree in a storm or a neighbor attempting DIY tree care, will your insurance cover it? That’s the question that’s on a lot of homeowners minds when they cast a wary eye on that old tree that isn’t looking too healthy. Up Next: [...]