What’s Wrong With My Tree? Bark Beetle

Bark Beetles Are Small Insects That Burrow Under Tree Bark

Bark beetles are small insects, about the size of a grain of rice, that burrow under the bark of trees. Most borers will prey on dead or dying trees but will feed on healthy ones. While some are beneficial to the ecosystem, they can wreak havoc on local trees if overpopulated or invasive. There are 600 different species of bark beetles in the United States.

pest managementSymptoms Of Bark Beetle

Bark beetle affects the vitality of a tree by disrupting the tree’s vascular system, potentially introducing pathogens. Symptoms of bark beetle include:

  • White or reddish-brown pitch tubes on the outside of the bark.
  • Borer holes in the tree when the bark is peeled away
  • Flaking or holes in the bark from woodpecker foraging
  • Frass (a sawdust-like substance) around the tree and in tree crevices, an indication of burrowing
  • Browning leaves or needles

Controlling & Treating Bark Beetle

Bark beetles are a problem that has to be nipped in the bud. Preventative measures like pruning your trees and getting them inspected can spot them before they become an issue. If your tree is already having troubles with bark beetle, trees may be chemically treated by an ISA-certified arborist.

Contacting an arborist at the signs of bark beetle not only protects your trees, but the trees of your neighbors.

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