What Is Wrong With My Tree? Basal Tree Rot

What Is Basal Tree Rot?

Decay in trees is often a hidden problem that takes place inside the trunk or roots and may be difficult to see.  Many homeowners see a tree with a full canopy of green leaves and assume the tree is “healthy”.  A tree can have large amounts of decay that seriously weaken its structural stability, but at the same time may have a full canopy of healthy green leaves.  The decay is often caused by fungi that literally digest woody tissue and increase the risk associated with tree failure.

tree rotSymptoms Of Basal Tree Rot

Mushrooms at the base of a tree are a strong indicator of internal decay. The tree may also lose its vigor and experience yellowing leaves and leaf loss. Infected wood may also be streaked and you will see a sharp difference between healthy and rotted wood.

Treatment Of Basal Tree Rot

Basal root rot can be prevented through correct planting practices, vigilant care that includes avoiding overwatering and overcrowding, and tree varieties resistant to fungal rots.

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