Volunteer Trees: What They Are And How To Get Rid Of Them

Volunteer trees, or weed trees, are unwanted tree seedlings that grow in your yard all by themselves. Often, they are trees that are undesirable or invasive such as tree of heaven, black locust, and white mulberry. Suckers from these trees spread quickly and chokes out beneficial native plants, reducing your property value.

Here’s what you need to know about volunteer trees and removing them:

Pull Them Up As You Find Them

Manual removal is an easy way to remove volunteer trees from your property. No matter the tree the volunteer tree came from, always wear protective clothing like gloves. When pulling the sprouts up, be sure to get the entire root system, as root fragments can grow new sprouts.

Remove The Parent Tree

Getting the parent tree that the volunteers are coming from is most often the best way to prevent them from coming back. It’s always recommended to get a professional tree service to do this for you. Tree removal is dangerous and best left to the professionals.

Use Herbicides

Herbicides can be used to effectively kill volunteer trees. Before applying these to your yard, be sure to read the instructions carefully and make sure you have the right application for the job. Using the wrong herbicides can do more harm than good.

If you have children or pets, make sure they are not exposed.

Call An ISA Certified Arborist

If you’re continuously having problems with volunteer trees on your property, then it’s time to call the professionals. The ISA Certified Arborists at Hansen’s Tree Service are certified, educated, and insured to safely remove volunteer trees from your property.

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