Tis the Season for Mulch

Now that spring has (finally!) arrived, it is time to find the right mulch to really make your garden pop. Get your newly blooming plants and flowers the nutrients they need to grow up strong, healthy and lush.  Hansen’s Tree Service can help you pick the right mulch for the best looking yard on the block.

We all know that St. Louis summers can be brutal. If your garden is in an area that gets a lot of sun and you choose to go with dark bark mulch, be sure you are planting flowers that thrive in high heat.  This kind of mulch will raise the temperature of the soil, sometimes by as much as 10 degrees.  Therefore, you want to make sure you aren’t going to kill your plants before they even begin growing.

If you are going to be mulching in an area that gets a lot of food traffic, it is likely best not to use rock mulch.  It tends to get kicked around all over the yard, which can make mowing the lawn a treacherous activity.  Only use rock mulch where it can sit undisturbed.

Hansen’s Tree Service offers three different types of organic mulch that will be perfect for whatever needs you may have.  Our Double Ground Organic Mulch and Triple Ground Organic Mulch are made from the finest organic products and offer the perfect size for your yard.  Our Playground Mulch also provides the perfect soft cover to prevent injuries for your child’s jungle gym.

We also offer several color options to guarantee that you will get the perfect mulch to enhance the aesthetics of your yard.  Our lawn care experts will discuss the exact amount of mulch you may need, the right color, and the right type.

Call your St. Louis mulch experts today to discuss which option is best for you!

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