The Benefits Of Deep Root Fertilization Treatments

Deep root fertilization is the method in which liquid fertilizer is injected into the soil near a tree’s roots. Also known as soil injection, deep root fertilization is applied with a long, narrow injection tool, providing a myriad of benefits to your trees.

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Here is what you need to know about deep root fertilization treatments and why you need a professional:

More Accurate Than Pellet & Stake Fertilizers

One of the main benefits of deep root fertilization is that it is much more accurate than other forms of fertilizers such as stakes and pellets. Because these two methods are spread across the soil and can only affect a small area, it can result in uneven dosing.

Deep root fertilization is applied only where needed and in the right amount, helping prevent overdosing.

Quick Absorption By The Tree

Because of the liquid state of deep root fertilizer, the tree can absorb the nutrients much quicker than pellets or stakes. And because it is deposited below the soil it cannot be easily washed away by rain like pellets.

This method of fertilization also aerates the soil, helping prevent compaction as well as with the absorption of nutrients and water.

Meets Your Tree’s Unique Needs

No tree is the same and has different needs. With deep root fertilization, you can customize the blend of nutrients based on the needs of your tree and soil. For example, if your tree and soil is lacking in essential nutrients such as nitrogen, an ISA certified arborist can take care to ensure that the correct amount is applied and in balance with micro-nutrients that assist in developing a healthy tree.

Know When To Fertilize

Before you fertilize your trees, be sure that they actually need it. Fertilizing your trees when they don’t need it can result in burning and dieback. Fertilizing in the fall after leaf drop will help the tree maintain its vitality throughout the cold seasons and is then in place for spring green up.

Get A Professional Tree Care Company

When getting your trees fertilized, get a professional tree care company like Hansen’s Tree Company to perform deep root fertilization for you. This method is best applied by a professional who is trained to understand the correct ratio of nutrients and will test your soil to determine if your tree will benefit.

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