Stump Removal? Count On Hansen’s Tree Service’s Safe Stump Grinding

The decision to remove a beloved tree is never an easy one. But when it is suffering from irreparable damage, pests like EAB, or dead, the best thing to do is to remove it for the safety of your family, property, and neighboring trees.

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After removal, you are then left with a stump that must be dealt with. Sure, you could leave it, but you will have to deal with hazards like tripping over the stump, the growth of suckers that can damage sidewalks, and the spread of disease if the tree was infected.

grinding stumpStump Removal Can Be Dangerous To Individuals & Property

Stump removal, as opposed to stump grinding, is the process of cutting the roots of the tree and then pulling the stump out of the ground. This process is dangerous because a lot can go wrong if done incorrectly and the person removing the stump is not insured.

Removing a stump by pulling it out of the ground, burning or using chemicals can damage the surrounding environment and cause bad smells and scarred ground.

That is why at Hansen’s Tree Service, we prefer the much safer and environmentally friendly method of stump grinding.

Stump Grinding Is Safe & Environmentally Friendly

Instead of attempting to remove stumps yourself, call on the professionals at Hansen’s Tree Service to minimize damage at every level! Our professional team of ISA-certified arborists uses a stump grinder that easily and permanently removes stumps from your yard with minimal environmental disturbance. This method is safe, less labor-intensive, and budget-friendly.

With this method, our team uses a stump grinder to grind the stump down below ground level. Then, the hole is filled in with soil. All green waste from the job is then taken away to be recycled in our facilities into organic mulch and compost!

Watch our stump grinder in action!

Always Contact A Tree Care Professional Before Removing Your Tree Stumps

Attempting to remove tree stumps from your yard yourself is never recommended! Always contact a tree care professional before removing any tree stumps from your yard. Hansen’s Tree Service is fully insured to protect you, your property, and our workers from liability claims, as well as offering worker’s compensation in case of an accident.

Tree work is a dangerous job. Always check the credentials of tree care specialists before you hire them to protect yourself and your property from damage.

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