Snow Removal – We Do That Too!

Winter officially begins Thursday, December 21. But in the Midwest, snow can start falling weeks before that official start. In fact, light snow on Halloween is not unheard of in Missouri. For business owners and property managers, snow means one thing: snow removal. While many people may not realize it, Hansen’s Tree Service offers snow removal services to clients in the St. Louis metropolitan area. We provide snow removal services for commercial businesses and property developments, including:Snow Removal

  • Parking areas
  • Roads
  • Sidewalks
  • Walkway

Snow Removal is Smart Business

We recognize that snow-covered parking lots and drives are more than just a headache; snow can have an adverse effect on your bottom line. Retail centers, free-standing businesses, medical buildings, and offices housing professional services all need clear, safe parking lots to operate successfully.

We understand that need, and we have the snow removal equipment and staffing to respond quickly to heavy snowstorms, clearing your property so your clients and customers can conveniently and safely access your business.

Residential Complexes Need Snow Removal

We don’t restrict our snow removal services to businesses of all types. We also remove snow from properties such as apartment complexes, condominium parking areas, and private streets. Your residents need to have safe, clear parking areas and drives so they can get to work, school, doctor’s appointments, and all the commitments in their busy lives.

We can help make that happen!

We’ll Make Snow Removal Work

Not every parking lot, driveway or private street is smooth, flat, and easy to access. We have the equipment, expertise and knowledge necessary to remove snow from rough types of pavement, steep or sloped areas and what may seem to be difficult locations.

We have the experience, the equipment and the people you need to get the job done.

Don’t Wait to Schedule Service

Winter weather is just around the corner and in the St. Louis area that can mean anything from an occasional light dusting to the record 49 inches of total snowfall the area recorded in the 1977 calendar year. Without question, being prepared for the wildly unpredictable winter weather in St. Louis is the best approach. Trying to find a snow removal service provider a day or two ahead of a major snowstorm can be difficult or impossible. Those who wait can often find a contractor to handle the work, but they may be forced to wait for service, which can mean dealing with snow covered parking areas, roads and walkways for hours or in extreme cases, a day or two. Don’t wait.

While many of our clients have contracted with us for years for snow removal, we have the personnel and equipment necessary to provide this important service to more clients.

With that in mind, now is the time to contact us, and get a bid for snow removal services today!

Contact us today!

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