Shrubs You Should Consider For Your Landscaping

If you’re considering updating your landscaping or creating new landscaping, you may be feeling overwhelmed by all the choices – especially when it comes to shrubs. That’s understandable, as the variety of shrub species that grow well in the soil and with the weather conditions of the Midwest while adding to the appearance of any home is seemingly endless.

To narrow down the list of shrubs you may want to consider for your home’s landscaping, below are several species popular with homeowners for their appearance, hardiness, and low maintenance.

Arborvitae Green Giant

This extremely hardy, fast-growing evergreen is an excellent choice for homeowners interested in a tough, low-maintenance landscaping piece. The green giant is known for its deep green color, dense foliage, nearly symmetrical pyramid shape and upright appearance. The green giant is also an imposing element, as they easily reach 30 to 40 feet in height with a spread of 12 to 18 feet at full maturity. They grow well in full sun environments but have no problem with partial shade. Their immense size and thick foliage make them popular for use as privacy screens, wind breaks or reducing sound.

Arborvitae Emerald Green

For homeowners who think the green giant is a bit too … giant … the emerald green may be an excellent choice. This evergreen species boasts many of the positives of the green giant, but in a smaller, slower growing package that can be ideal for smaller yards, or less spacious settings in any yard. Typically, emerald greens grow to ten to 12 feet in height with a spread of about three feet. They also grow at a moderate pace, meaning they won’t dominate landscaping in just a few years.

The emerald green holds its deep green color even in winter’s frigid weather, while it tolerates the hot weather and low moisture conditions of midwestern summers, though they do thrive on weekly watering during extreme height and near-drought conditions.

Azaleas And Rhododendrons

Few shrubs can beat azaleas and rhododendrons when it comes to adding a splash of color to landscaping. These shrubs are closely related species in the same botanical family, with more than 40 varieties from which to choose. Both feature large, deep green evergreen leaves with some varieties of azaleas being deciduous, dropping their leaves after a colorful display. All azaleas and rhododendrons flower spectacularly in the spring.

While they like humidity they tend to lower temperatures than are seen in the worst of Midwest summers. However, planting them in shaded or partial sun areas – especially those that have filtered sunlight or shade in the afternoon – and in places where they can be shielded from drying winds from the west or south can be an easy remedy, ensuring these beautiful shrubs will thrive.

It’s important to note that these shrubs have comparatively delicate root systems, so planning them in well-prepped soil free of rock, and in areas that drain well.


Native to central and eastern North American, the winterberry is a deciduous shrub that flowers with greenish-white blooms in June and July. It also features brilliant red berries in winter (hence its name) and grows to a height of six to 12 feet with a similar spread, making it an excellent choice in many landscaping settings. The winterberry is hardy, tolerating full sun or partial shade, clay soil and wet conditions. They grow well in loose, light soil or heavy, dense soil and can be pruned for shape in early spring before new growth appears.


The Boxwood is THE classic landscaping shrub. Boxwoods are available in several varieties, but all share several characteristics making them an excellent choice for many landscaping scenarios. As evergreens, their dense, deep-green foliage is a year-round constant. They generally tolerate heat exceptionally well, are deer-resistant, thrive in full sun and have no problems with pruning or shaping, making them ideal for use in formal landscaping schemes requiring neatly trimmed hedges. Boxwoods prefer well-drained soil but are otherwise a low-maintenance shrub.

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