Protecting Your Trees From Summer Storms

In summer, heavy downpours and strong winds can damage trees and make them a safety hazard. Already we have seen heavy storms that required emergency tree services from our team, like fallen trees and branches.

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Why protect your trees from summer storms? Maintaining your trees is your duty as a homeowner. If you neglect them and they end up damaging a neighbor’s property or power lines, you could be held responsible.

tree protectionTo protect your trees from summer storms this year, follow these tips from Hansen’s Tree Service.

Prune Trees To Maintain A Healthy Structure

Tree pruning is an essential part of maintaining that tree’s healthy structure. Correct pruning promotes healthy growth, removes unhealthy growth, and prevents branch failure. Healthy pruning techniques, like crown reduction, reduces stress on trees by removing branches to prevent failure while mainlining a healthy structure.

Plant The Right Tree In The Right Place

Protecting your trees from summer storms starts from the moment they are planted. A slow-growing tree like an oak will be more likely to survive a fast-growing tree like a weeping willow. Large trees like oaks should be placed away from the house and power lines to prevent damage.

Regularly Get Your Trees Inspected

Getting your trees inspected regularly by an ISA-certified arborist at Hansen’s Tree Service is an essential step in keeping your tree safe from summer storms. Our arborists will inspect your trees for damage, disease, and pests and recommend a treatment plan.

Consider Reinforcing Susceptible Trees

If you have a tree that is at risk of failing during a storm and you do not want to remove the tree, consider dynamic tree cabling. This system works by stringing steel cable and slings between a tree’s branches to help them stay together.

Dynamic tree cabling allows the tree to move naturally and is non-invasive.

Call Hansen’s Tree Service For 24/7 Emergency Storm Work

If your trees have experienced damage during a summer storm, Hansen’s Tree Service is available 24/7 with emergency tree services. Before calling, make sure that no power lines and down and if they are:

  • Immediately call your power company so they can disconnect the line
  • Do not approach the downed power lines
  • Keep away from water and do not attempt to remove the branches or tree yourself

Tree care is a dangerous job and should be performed by a licensed, experienced individual. Avoid tree damage by calling an ISA-certified arborist for a hassle free estimate and consult with you on the best planting practices and health care methods for your specific trees.

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