Prepare for Spring with St. Louis Mulching Services

It may be cold outside, but it is not too early to start envisioning those spring improvements to the yard. Vital to any quality yard or garden is a solid foundation of mulch. Especially now, in the winter months, a good foundation of mulch can help bring those flowers out of the ground a bit quicker when spring does finally roll around.

Mother Nature often lays her own winter mulch with a blanket of leaves and pine needles, but those can be cleared or blown away. When that happens, ground can lay exposed to the harsh winter elements. That’s when you should call Hansen’s, your St. Louis mulch provider, to get your ground ready for the spring. Our quality, organic mulch will give those roots the warmth and nutrients they need to keep them healthy throughout the season.

Laying a nice blanket of mulch on the ground helps keep it warm, allowing your plants and their roots to stay closer to the surface. The closer they can stay to the surface, the sooner they can bloom. Imagine being the envy of the block when your yard is luscious and green while the neighbors’ lawns are still brown and bare! Some solid yard-work and the help of a St. Louis mulching company can have your yard in full bloom sooner than you think!

Whatever type of landscaping you need done, Hansen’s Tree Service is here to help.  Whether it’s tree removal or trimming, lawn services, or mulch in the St. Louis or St. Charles area, Hansen’s Tree Service will leave your yard looking clean, trim, and professional.  Call today and find out how our landscapers can bring out the best in your yard!

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