Why You Need a Professional for Removing Trees

img_0328Removing a tree that is damaged or diseased can prevent the infestation of pests and the spread of disease. If you need
a tree removed from your property, you may want to save time and money with your own home tree removal. Here’s why you should think twice before getting out your saw and leave tree removal to the professionals:

They’ll Consult with You

When a professional tree service comes to your home to remove a tree, they will do a risk assessment and discuss your options. For example, they will let you know the pros and cons of removing a tree, and the best route for you to take in removing the tree if it is diseased or decaying.

They’ll Use the Right Equipment

A professional tree removal service will use the correct equipment for home tree removal to ensure a safe and clean tree removal. They’ll also use the right safety equipment to prevent accidents like:

  • Safety glasses
  • Hard hats
  • Kevlar chaps
  • Earmuffs

In addition, a professional tree removal service will utilize additional equipment like zip lines, cranes, and fall arrest systems to make the tree removal safer and more efficient.

They Are Professionally Trained

Home tree removal is dangerous. If you try to remove a tree by yourself, there is a chance that it will fall the wrong way and damage personal property and power lines. There’s even a chance that you or bystanders can get hurt by falling limbs as they are trimmed away.

Tree removal professionals are trained to remove trees and operate equipment safely. That way, the site and operation is controlled, ensuring that home tree removal is safe.

They Have Insurance

If you try to remove a tree by yourself and it damages your or a neighbor’s house, you could be faced with expensive claims. Especially since some insurance companies won’t cover the cost if it determines that the damage was caused by negligence.

When choosing a tree removal service, double checks to make sure that they are properly insured. That way, you and your property are protected from costly accidents should they occur.

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