How To Use Herbicides Near Trees & Shrubs

Herbicides, also known as weed killers, can be a common sight in households around the United States.

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When using herbicides around your trees and shrubs, use caution. Without the right knowledge and product, you can cause more harm than good.

Know What You Are Spraying & What You’re Spraying For

herbicides around treesBefore you use herbicides to remove plants like ivy from your trees, be sure that you know what you are spraying and that it is safe for your trees, yard, children, and pets.

Also, what are you spraying for? Herbicides can contain different ingredients from product to product and should never be used universally. Carefully read the entire label before using. It will tell you what the herbicide can be used for and if it can be safely used around trees.

Herbicide Misuse Can Cause Defoliation & Other Symptoms In Your Trees & Shrubs

Dieback, defoliation, leaf burn, and twisted new growth are all symptoms of herbicide misuse in trees and shrubs. If your trees and shrubs have been exposed to herbicide, the area should be thoroughly irrigated and the root zone mulched. A professional ISA-certified arborist should also be called to assess any damage.

Get A Professional To Apply Herbicides

If you need to apply herbicides around your trees and shrubs, it is best to contact a professional. They will have the knowledge, experience, and certification required to safely apply the right herbicides where and when you need it.

Like with all tree and lawn care, always check their credentials! This ensures that you are getting someone who is insured, certified, and educated to correctly care for your trees and yard.

Use Natural Methods To Control Weeds Around Your Trees

Herbicides aren’t the only method for controlling weeds in your yard and around your trees. Organic mulch is designed to suppress weeds and prevent them from taking root in the first place by preventing light from reaching the seeds. Mulch also provides essential nutrients for a healthy growing environment for your trees and yard when it decomposes.

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