Hansen’s Tree Service Gets News Shout Out

Screen Shot 2016-06-20 at 2.33.43 PMKSDK recently ran a news story featuring Hansen’s Tree Service and the intricacies of tree trimming. Here’s a brief summary:

“An Artist’s Touch”

Tree trimming is labor intensive and high-risk in that we need to know for sure that the tree is going to fall in the right direction and is safe for the arborist, truck, and making sure nothing in the area is damaged. “That’s why they have us do it. If there wasn’t something at risk, they’d do it themselves,” says Kendal Nesslein, referring to clients who needed a cottonwood tree removed.

Changes Over the Years

Nesslein has been trimming trees for 34 years, which started as a part time job before evolving into a career. He notes that in the past, he didn’t do bucket work—rather, he was the one who climbed the tree. “I had to set it up to where I was on the opposite side of the lean,” he says, adding that he had to swing to the parts of the tree that needed to be roped down.

Certified Arborists

Over ten employees at Hansen’s Tree Service are arborists certified by the International Society of Arboriculture. We take safety very seriously and make sure our arborists are trained and receive continuous education.

Thank you to KSDK for covering the story!

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