Firework Safety: Keep Yourself & Your Trees Safe This Independence Day!

Independence Day is right around the corner, which means cookouts, parades, and best of all, fireworks.

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As beautiful as they are, fireworks are dangerous and should be used with caution. In 2017, eight people died and over 12,000 were injured in firework-related accidents.

holiday safetyIt’s advised to leave the fireworks show to the professionals. But if you must set them off yourself, follow these firework safety rules:

Know If Fireworks Are Legal In Your Area

Before using any fireworks, make sure they are legal in your area. For example, they are legal in Missouri but the laws still vary between towns and cities.

Fireworks can be illegal in some places due to how dangerous they are and how much damage they can cause. They can also be illegal in how they are produced, meaning little oversight in their quality—which can pose an even bigger danger than legal ones.

Keep Fireworks Away From Your Trees

Fireworks are responsible for millions of dollars in property damage each year. Don’t let your trees be the next victim! When shooting off fireworks, choose a location that is clear of trees and always check the weather for wind speed. If the summer has been dry, avoid setting off fireworks  at home and instead opt for the professional show.

Always have a hose or a bucket of water on hand to help control a fire if it should start.

Supervise Children At All Times & Consider Firework Alternatives

Children should never use fireworks and should always be supervised when using “safe” options like sparklers. In 2019, there were “900 emergency department-treated injuries associated with sparklers.” For children, consider firework alternatives like glowsticks.

Soak Both Used & Unused Fireworks In Water Before Discarding

Once fireworks are spent and the celebrations are over, soak both used and unused fireworks in water before discarding them. This will prevent accidental fires from starting in the trash bins. Never reuse old fireworks!

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