Fall Is No Small Time for Lawn Care in St. Louis


Don’t Stop While You’re Ahead

Fall is just around the corner, but that’s no reason to mourn your lawn’s health. Early to mid September is the ideal time to prepare your lawn for the changing climate. Its success in future warmer months is on the line. Autumn’s official arrival doesn’t occur until the fall solstice, but as any citizen of St. Louis or St. Charles can tell you, the Midwest waits for no summer deadline. It is essential to complete fall lawn care before the first frost, so take action while you still can.

Weeding & Seeding is Believing

By taking advantage of fall lawn care, St. Louis and St. Charles residents have many opportunities to help their properties shine in the warmer months. If your lawn is notoriously weedy in the spring and summer, then you should take advantage of your weeds’ habits during autumn. Many perennial weeds, such as dandelions, draw nutrients into their roots during the early fall to prepare for winter hibernation. Unfortunately for weeds, they cannot tell the difference between nutrients and herbicide. Your treatment will go straight to the weed’s source and kill the weed more effectively than any other time of year.

Another fall lawn care option for St. Louis and St. Charles is seeding. New grass is likely to grow best from mid August to mid September because there is less competition from weeds and the cooler weather doesn’t dry out new grass as quickly. However, lack of a scorching sun does not mean you should stop watering. In fact, new grass needs water even more than well-established grass. In addition to filling dead or brown spots in your lawn, seeding prevents weeds from sneaking in between blades of grass. Lushness is the key to maintaining a healthy lawn.

Lastly, one of the most important steps in proper lawn care in St. Charles is to find the right fertilizer. Slow-release nutrients are best for your lawn, so be sure to check for these specifications on fertilizer packaging.

If you want to learn more about what you can do for your lawn during the fall, call Hansen’s now. We provide a variety of lawn care services for St. Charles and St. Louis residents, so don’t hesitate to discover how we can help you make your property beautiful.


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