What Is Eco-Friendly Tree Grinding?

img_2955When you need to clear a large expanse of land, it’s important that nothing goes to waste. Environmentally friendly tree grinding and land clearing is extremely important in maintaining the planet’s limited natural resources and promoting a healthy earth.

Hiring a company that carries out sustainable, eco-friendly tree grinding and land clearing will help your property stay healthy. In addition, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that your land will be easier to develop in the future. Here’s what to look out for when choosing a grinding and land clearing company.

No Burning

Most importantly, an environmentally conscious tree grinding company does not burn green waste. Burning green waste is irresponsible and unethical because it produces:

  • Air pollution: Burning green waste releases substances like carbon monoxide into the air and the smoke can be just as harmful as cigarette smoke.
  • Soil pollution: Burning green waste causes particulates to settle into the soil, leading to depleted nutrients the soil needs to keep plants healthy.
  • Water pollution: As a result of soil pollution, burning causes particulates to enter water sources and can negatively affect drinking water and the growth of food.
  • Increased wildfire risk: Burning green waste can get out of control if it is windy and dry, causing wildfires.

Reduce, Reuse, & Recycle

Refraining from burning or dumping green waste means it can be reused rather than sent to landfills. By utilizing green waste recycling, an ethical tree grinding company contributes to keeping 23% of waste out of landfills. This number goes a long way in helping prevent trash overload and reducing greenhouse gasses.

Eco-friendly tree grinding means that the waste generated during land clearing is recycled and reused as 100 percent organic mulch and compost. These materials serve an important role in maintaining the delicate balance of soils and preventing plant diseases by introducing beneficial bacteria. As a result, plants grow better for a greener environment. In addition, an eco-friendly land clearing company will take careful note of all the plants and trees you don’t want to remove. This attention to detail reduces land clearing waste and increases the number of plants that reduce greenhouse gases.

No Damage to Property

Irresponsible and unethical land clearing and tree grinding is indiscriminate. For example, indiscriminately clearing trees from around a pond damages the land and speeds erosion since there are no longer any roots to hold the soil in place. In the process, disturbed soil and debris is left behind, which can have a negative impact on future landscaping and development.

By respecting and lowering the impact on the land and certain ecosystems, an ethical tree grinding company won’t negatively impact environmental and public health by keeping:

  • Valuable nutrients in the soil, which will promote healthy plant growth.
  • Soil particles from blowing into the air, causing respiratory problems in both humans and animals.
  • Water clean and promoting healthy marine life.

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