Compost 101

Hansen’s Tree Service offers quality compost and composting services in the greater St. Louis area.

What is composting?

Composting is the natural decomposing of dead plant matter into plant nutrients. We can assist the process by adding food scraps, dead leaves and other compostable material. This is not only good for our lawns and gardens, but also for the environment by saving landfill space and reducing methane.

Compost provides balanced, consistent soil improvement instead of the ‘spike’ effect that fertilizer gives. Compost contains a hearty assortment of valuable organisms that will release naturally over time, improving water retention and growing healthy plant tissue.

Benefits of Hansen’s organic compost:

  • Offers balanced levels of nitrogen and other nutrients
  • Contains lower salt levels that won’t burn plants like fertilizer
  • Increases water conservation that promotes healthy root growth
  • Prevents weeds and disease with beneficial bacteria


A common alternative to compost is fertilizer. Fertilizers are soaked with chemicals that only give the illusion of healthy, vibrant plants. Exponentially increasing the amount of nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium will damage your plants and your soil in the long run. When plants grow too fast they become weak and vulnerable to infestation and disease.

Hansen’s offers three types of organically blended compost. Our “Super Soil” Topsoil is a blend of soil and organic compost that increases the biological benefits to plants. Our Bio-Retention Soil adds sand into the mix to not only provide nutrients but also promote water drainage. Lastly, our Magic Bean Organic Compost contains a mixture of decomposed organic matter with holds water and increases plant growth.

All of our organic compost is made to improve soil characteristics, from chemical to physical. It is filled with high levels of nutrients, helping to prevent erosion and control weeds.

In addition to St. Louis composting services, Hansen’s also offers top dress and aeration. Contact us today for more information.

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