Common Hazards from Leaving Tree Stumps

You’ve had a tree or multiple trees cut down at your commercial property—what do you do with the stumps? Is it really worth the extra effort of removing them?

Fact: Leaving the stump can cause hazards to your property and the people on it.

Physical Hazardsstumphazards

Let’s start with the most obvious issue: When you cut down a tree and just leave the stump, it can pose a hazard to foot traffic—especially in areas like a park. People can easily trip over a stump and hurt themselves, or block and even damage lawn equipment trying to navigate around the stump.

In addition, stumps aren’t pretty. Leaving a stump in your yard can make the property look unkempt and unsightly.

Spreading Disease

If you removed your tree because it was diseased, leaving the stump can spread disease to other nearby plants. To avoid this scenario and protect the other trees on your property, get the diseased stump removed from your property.

Damaging Sidewalks

Just because a tree has been cut down doesn’t mean that the stump is done growing. It can send out sprouts of new growth, also called suckering, that can not only look unsightly, but damage sidewalks. Damaged sidewalks can pose a tripping hazard to pedestrians which can result in injuries.

Hire a Professional to Safely Remove Tree Stumps

Simply waiting for a stump to decay could take decades. Even chemicals that enhance the process work slowly and trying to burn stump is risky. If you have a tree stump that you need removed from your property, do not attempt to remove it by yourself. Doing so could result in damage to your vehicle and property, and injure bystanders.

Instead, hire a professional tree removal service to safely and efficiently remove the stump from your property. Better yet, always ask that companies include stump removal in their tree removal bids. The right companies always consider this task an essential part of the tree removal process.

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