Certification Matters

Properly caring for trees is a constantly evolving, highly technical undertaking. Every year, new technologies and techniques designed to protect trees and support their growth are developed. New threats, such as diseases and non-native invasive species, threaten the health and lives of trees. And researchers constantly advance the science of tree care.

Keeping up with these advances requires commitment and effort. In the end, trees and people who enjoy them and own them benefit.

But when it comes to finding the most informed tree care professionals, it’s not always apparent who is up to date and who may be a bit lacking.

Look For Certification

Fortunately, when the comes to selecting a tree care professional, one solid indicator as to which professionals are up to date on all aspects of tree care are certifications from several industry and arboriculture organizations.

These organizations have high standards for membership, provide members with the most current information, offer seminars on arboriculture and go to great lengths to establish and maintain the highest level of professionalism among members. Certification is a strong indicator that an arborist is a reliable, well-informed professional you can trust to provide exceptional care for your trees.

Hansens’s Tree Service is proud to feature a sizeable team of arborists who have earned and maintained certification from the following bodies, each of which is widely respected in the arboriculture industry.

  • The International Society of Arboriculture (ISA) is dedicated to increasing public awareness and appreciation of trees, research into tree growth and health, the professional development of arborists, scientists and students, the safety of tree care professionals, and to setting professionals standards for arborists. The ISA requires certificants to complete 30 units of continuing education programs every three years, ensuring ISA certified arborists are current with developments in arboriculture. Hansen’s Tree Service is home to nine ISA certified arborists, and three board certified master arborists.
  • Hansen’s Tree Service has been a member of the Tree Care Industry Association (TCIA) since 2005. The TCIA members are professional, ethical tree care companies that has been inspected by TCIA for proper business practices, professional employees, quality service and customer satisfaction.

The TCIA also operates a Certified Tree Care Safety program dedicated to establishing and rigorously maintaining a culture of safety in the tree care industry, which is one of the most dangerous in the U.S.

  • The Better Business Bureau (BBB) is widely recognized for its commitment to ensuring consumers can identify and patronize ethical, trustworthy businesses and charities. The BBB has long-established extremely high standards for membership, and continuously evaluates members and prospective members, and serves to a great extent as the voice of the consumer.

Hansen’s Tree Service has been a BBB member for 38 years, has been BBB accredited since 2003, and won the BBB Torch Award for outstanding service in 2011. We’re also proud of our A+ BBB rating.

Contact Hansen’s Tree Service For Service You Can Trust

Our certified arborists can provide you with the expertise and service you need to care for your trees and shrubs, and for direction on how, where and when to plant new trees and bushes. And you can be certain we will provide you with the most current information on all aspects of tree care. We’re certified in all phases of the tree care business; contact us today and let our insured, experienced professionals take care of all your tree-related needs!

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