4 Tips For Using Topsoil In Your Landscaping

Topsoil is an extremely beneficial product to your landscaping. It helps suppress weeds, amend soil, and leveling out your garden prior to seeding.

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When it comes to using topsoil in your landscaping, know that it is more than just spreading it around. Here are four tips for using topsoil in your landscaping:landscaping

Only Use Topsoil Where Needed

When you use topsoil in your landscaping, it is unlikely that you need it everywhere. Instead, apply it where it is most needed. For example, in areas that need to be leveled or have poor quality soil.

Aerate Your Soil Before Adding Topsoil

Aerating is the method of scoring the ground with small, shallow holes to break up compacted soil so water, oxygen, and nutrients can better reach the roots of your plants. Aerating before adding topsoil will allow the topsoil to better do its work providing a healthy environment to your landscaping.

When aerating, take care to avoid root damage around trees and shrubs. Root damage can leave a plant vulnerable to diseases and pests.

Choose The Right Type Of Topsoil

When it comes to choosing the right type of topsoil for your landscaping, choose one that comes from a reputable source, like Hansen’s Tree Service. Our nutrient-rich topsoil is 70% soil and 30% organic compost—a ratio that maximizes the biological benefits for the best plant growth.

In Hansen’s Super Soil, the organic materials are pulverized, leaving no big clumps to get in the way, making for easy handling. Everything is broken up for easy spreading and making the environment hospitable to your plants. In addition, our Super Soil is clean. It is screened to ensure that no rocks, roots, and other debris are present.

Apply Topsoil Correctly & Distribute Evenly

When applying topsoil to your landscaping, don’t dump it and let it be. Distribute the topsoil evenly and mix it  into the top 3-4 inches of your existing soil. Make sure that the topsoil is no more than 2 inches thick to prevent suffocation.

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