4 Tips For Safely Decorating Your Tree This Christmas

This Christmas season, decking the halls is well underway.

A safe Christmas is a merry Christmas. When you start to decorate your Christmas tree, or even if it has already been decorated, check each element for safety.

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This means checking lights, ornaments, and more. Here are 4 tips for safely decorating your tree this Christmas.

Check Ornaments For Breakage

Check ornaments for any breakage and pitch the ones that are damaged—especially if they are made of glass. Keeping and using broken ornaments can cause cuts and other injuries to children and pets if they are grabbed or fall.

Keep Your Tree Away From Heat Sources

Christmas trees, especially when they become dried, burn fast and hot, creating a major fire hazard. Placing your tree near heat sources like heat vents and fireplaces will cause the tree to dry out much faster than normal.

Remember to water your live Christmas tree daily.

Never Use Lit Candles As Tree Decorations

Lit candles in Christmas trees may make for a pretty picture on a holiday card but you should never use them as tree decorations.

Hundreds of Christmas tree fires occur each year in the United States, causing millions of dollars in damage. So keep lit flames contained to scented candles, placed away from flammable materials.

Check Connections & Wires

How old are your Christmas lights? If they are older than 5-10 years, you should replace them with newer lights—especially if they are incandescent bulbs. Each year when you take your lights out of storage, check them for damage like loose connections and worn or broken cords.

Never daisy-chain electrical cords. This means power cords and strips being plugged into other power strips and extension cords, usually when there are not enough outlets for your needs. Daisy-chaining is a fire hazard, as it can overload the outlet.

Remember to turn off the tree and other lights before you leave your home or go to bed.

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